Yoga Burn Reviews – Is It Worth To Try?

Yoga burn challenge is a 12 weeks fitness Yoga program, instructed by Zoe Bray-Cotton, the Yoga instructor. We will conduct a detailed yoga burn reviews to cover all of its aspects.

The purpose of the Yoga burn program is to help women in burning calories quicker than ever. After a child’s birth or a few other circumstances, it’s difficult for women to get back to their previous shape.

Yoga burn program challenges women to practice this 12 weeks fitness program, and get back to their previous body shape. Read on to the article to get complete information about this challenge, and look at what we’ve found in the review.

Who is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe Bray-Cotton, a famous Yoga instructor, who knows all about a female body. She is practicing Yoga for many years and teaching it on different platforms. Zoe has introduced the term Yoga burn. She claimed that being constant with the program, a woman can lose extra weight, and bring her body back to the previous shape in just 12 weeks.

Not only that, but Zoe has also worked hard in teaching those Yoga poses to the people around the globe. As a cherry on top, the best thing about this challenge is, it has the easiest Yoga poses that anyone can do even if she never practices Yoga before.

If you are curious about the value of your coin, you must be satisfied that this Yoga burn challenge is worth your money. However, it demands dedication. It is a 12-weeks program with three stages, consists of four weeks each. You’ve to be punctual and regular to get the desired results.

The instructor, Zoe, worked hard to create these tutorial videos, and explain each step well. There are also four videos in the package about some more tips and tricks about Yoga and the female body. Also, the program doesn’t demand any pills or diet; instead, only regular Yoga practice is the key to getting the desired results. 

What is Dynamic Sequencing Yoga?

Zoe Bray cotton was the first person who used the term dynamic sequencing. It is said that this program is based on Dynamic sequencing. It is a technique that combines different Yoga poses in a sequence that gradually moves to advanced level as you continue to move to different levels in Yoga burn challenge. It helps your body adapt to new exercises, which will help build the hourglass figure and great body shape.

This technique in the Yoga burn program is very helpful in building stronger and flexible muscles. However, you have to pick a schedule and continue to do the correct exercise for the correct number of times to get all these benefits. In other words, a proper way of doing all the exercises and Yoga poses, mentioned in the Yoga burn program, is Dynamic sequencing and helps get your dream body.

When you get a DVD of Yoga burn challenge, Zoe will guide you through each phase, and related to each Yoga pose or workout. As you can’t directly contact with the instructor at the time of the class, so you have to understand every step carefully. You will notice some specific Yoga poses and workouts in the first phase, and the same is the case with other phases as well.

The key to getting your dream body is to carefully understand every step and then perform every step carefully. Always keep notice of time that you have to give to each phase and each exercise. The right equilibrium of every phase and every exercise is the Dynamic sequencing in the Yoga burn program.

What is the Yoga burn program?

Yoga burn program consists of three stages that a woman has to cover in 12-weeks. It not only helps women to get perfect Yoga body, but at the same time, you can burn more calories, and get a flexible body with a good immune system.

Unlike other such programs, you don’t have to visit any training center for getting the Yoga coaching. Instead, you can buy the DVD for the Yoga burn program, and start practicing at your comfort.

Following are the phases:

Phase 1: Foundational Flow Phase


It is the first phase that builds a foundation. The purpose of the foundational phase is to help the women to get a better understanding of different Yoga poses and get benefit from them.

This phase will improve the flexibility of a woman’s body and boost her metabolism. It is a starting phase for Yoga burn, and it will teach them ways to regulate the body according to different Yoga poses so that no injuries will occur. 

Phase 2: Transitional Flow Phase


It is the second phase of Yoga burns were the actual things startup. This phase will teach the woman about some additional Yoga poses, which will help them burn calories, and tone-up their muscles. In other words, in this phase, women will burn calories and start moving to their perfect body shape. 

Phase 3: Mastery Flow Phase


In this phase, the strength, flexibility, and metabolism, which women have gained in the previous phases, will help them get real changes in their bodies. Zoe, the instructor, will teach some advanced tricks and sequences that will help women to get their dream bodies after this phase. 

The Good of Yoga Burn Program

There are a few things that are best about Yoga burn programs other than its benefits.

These things are:

Availability of Yoga burn program

The Yoga burn program is easily available on DVDs. It means you don’t have to panic about attending regular Yoga classes at some training center. The DVD or the online course contains 12-weeks fitness programs.

As we have discussed above, it has three stages of four weeks each. The only thing to consider before buying this program is, you have to remain consistent for getting your desired results. The program in the DVD or the one available online has starting class, twenty tutorials for posing, and nine workout videos, which you have to follow according to the instructions.

Adjusting the levels according to yourself

Yoga burn program is designed to improve the structure of a body and to burn the calories. However, the program is adjustable. If you find some poses very difficult or very easy, no one will force you to attempt that.

The levels are adjusted according to your capabilities; therefore, you can perform them according to your ease, but remember that the more effort you exert, the more reward you will get.

Program is designed for women of all age

Another best thing about the Yoga program challenge is, it is not restricted to particularly aged women. Instead, women of any age can get the benefits of this program. In addition, it will not force you to take any pills or diet to get the perfect figure.

The Bad of Yoga Burn Program

 Following are some dark sides of Yoga burn program:

Varying results

The first and the most important thing in considering the dark side of the Yoga burn program is its varying results. Like all other exercises and workout routines, the Yoga burn program has different results.

For instance, among two different women, if the first one has noticed the visible difference in her appearance after trying the Yoga burn program, it’s may not the case with the other woman because everyone has a different body structure. Therefore, some people may have to wait longer to see the results than the others.

Available in digital format

Another dark side of the Yoga burn program is, it’s only available in digital format. Although it is good for people who don’t have enough time to visit the training center daily, at the same time, it has drawbacks too.

The biggest flaw is, if you’re unable to perform a specific Yoga pose, you can’t ask anyone to help you, as you can do in a training center. Also, if you are not getting the point of the trainer, you can’t ask her to explain it because it is just a recorded video tutorial.

Maintaining a schedule

For getting the visible results of the Yoga burn program, you have to maintain a schedule. Other than that, you will not get your desired results. Although for every best outcome, you have to follow a few rules, and a proper schedule is one of them.

However, when you’re performing the Yoga poses at home, sometimes you have to alter your schedule due to some uncertain events factors. Once you have altered the schedule, there will be a huge chance of not getting your desired results. 

How does Yoga Burn Program Works?

As we’ve discussed above, the Yoga burn program has three phases. Each workout in the video is around 15 minutes long, but it should be repeated three times because it requires a 45 minutes workout.

All of the three workout phases require four weeks each to complete. Let’s have an idea of how your body will react according to the working of the Yoga burn program.

The “First” Four weeks of Yoga burn program

The first four weeks of Yoga burn challenge will build your foundation of strong Yoga practice. When you start the challenge, in the first four weeks, your muscles will start getting into shape.

The exercises and Yoga practices in this program will build a strong mind-body connection and prepare you for the next tough Yoga practices. Your muscles will get firm enough to bear any heavy workout that you will perform in the next two phases. 

The “Second” Four weeks of Yoga burn program

The Yoga moves that you have learned in the first half of the Yoga burn program will get into a smooth flow in the second half. The exercises in this phase focus on the upper body, lower body, core, and large muscles. In this way, you can easily transform from one move to the other without any muscle damage. 

The “Third” Four weeks of Yoga burn program

All of the Yoga poses, which you have learned in the previous two phases, will have to implement in this phase along with a new sequence that will boost your metabolism. This phase involves frequent repetition of different poses for your muscles to fatigue. Also, it involves both; upper and lower body movements in the minimum time.

women doing yoga pose

Who will benefit from Yoga Burn Challenge?

Yoga burn challenge is specifically designed for women to get stronger muscles and flexible body. There are no restrictions regarding the beginners or advanced level. A woman, who never performed any exercise or Yoga, can also do the exercises and Yoga poses given in the Yoga burn challenge.

If you are a beginner and afraid of performing these Yoga poses, then you will be happy to know that the Yoga burn program will guide you through each step and gradually move towards the tougher poses so that you can easily move along. To get the best results, you must stay regular.

Following are the benefits of Yoga burn challenge:

  • This challenge is specifically designed for women who are worried about their body weight or who have gained weight due to some events like pregnancy or other such circumstances. Therefore, maintaining a schedule of this program will help you lose weight and get your dream body.
  • If you stay regular with the Yoga burn program, you will notice a significant difference in your energy level and sleep. This program has the benefit of providing energy to your body so that you will feel fresh, and at night, you will get a good night’s sleep.
  • Another major benefit of the Yoga burn challenge is that it will give your muscles strength and improve your body’s flexibility. Due to more weight or fewer workouts, our muscles get stiff, and there’s a huge chance of getting muscle damage. However, adapting the Yoga burn program will help you get a flexible body and strengthen your muscles.

[Video] Why Women Love Yoga Burn Challenge

Would like to learn more about yoga burn challenge? Click here to learn more about the challenge!

Yoga Burn Bonuses for Women

The Yoga burn program is providing bonus videos along with the three phases. These videos are very helpful for newbie’s as well as for other women. One can perform them along with the regular Yoga workout.

Following are the Yoga bonuses available for the three phases:

Phase One (Bonus)

It is a fifteen minutes video available with phase one of Yoga burn program. This bonus video is responsible for teaching about different ways to relax the muscles and stretch the body.

This 15 minutes video has details about the perfect posture that one should have while sitting or walking. It will help the people who just started doing Yoga or workout because it has all the ways to relax muscles and body before and after the workout.

Phase Two (Bonus)

This bonus video is specifically recorded for beginners. It has all the details regarding the best ways to adapt different Yoga poses at the beginning. It is a 45 minutes video, which has a step-by-step guide towards a better understanding of different Yoga poses and easy ways to perform them.

Phase Three (Bonus)

This bonus video has step by step details about all the 21 Yoga poses that are taught in the whole program. It is the best instructional video for people who are finding any difficulty performing any of the Yoga poses that the instructor guided in the videos. It is the best way to understand every step of the Yoga burn program in detail.

Where to Buy Yoga Burn DVDs?

yoga burn reviews limited time offer dvd sets

Yoga burn DVD is typically available on its website. Many people ask, is Yoga burn legit? Well, it is worth buying. Yoga burn DVD’s are available in two different packages, and sometimes, there are yoga burn coupon and Yoga burn monthly deals available on the website.

Instead, you can get it for yourself at a regular price, or you can get a discount if you are planning to gift it to someone. Also, there is a 60-days cash back guarantee. If you find the package useless, you can return it and get your money back within 60 days of buying. Isn’t it a great deal to try?

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Final Thoughts

Yoga burns total-body challenge is a 12-weeks program, which is available in the form of DVD’s worldwide. It is one of the best challenges for women who want to lose weight and get that perfect hourglass shape. It includes various poses of Yoga and workouts with dynamic sequencing.

However, this challenge demands consistency and a proper schedule. Yoga burn program has many success stories and is considered one of the most effective methods to lose weight and burn calories in minimum time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the exact way this program works?

This Yoga burn program consists of 12 weeks and three phases. The first phase is to build up a foundation so that it will be easy for women to perform the next hard exercises in the next two phases. In this phase, women will have stronger muscles and a good immune system.

The next phase consists of some advanced level Yoga poses that will help women burn more calories, and their bodies will start getting in the perfect shape. In the last phase, women use all the muscle strength, good immune system, and flexibility of their bodies, which they have achieved in the last two phases, to perform additional workouts to get their dream workouts.

Is Yoga burn program safe for pregnant women?

Yes, it is safe for pregnant women. This program doesn’t require weight lifting or heavy exercises so that pregnant women can easily join it. This program will help pregnant women during their child labor and help them to cope with labor pain. Also, it will help the women to get rid of excess body weight after pregnancy.

What is the main difference between Yoga burn program and Yoga classes?

Yoga burn program is completely different from Yoga classes. It involves some specific Yoga poses that help lose bodyweight and burn calories. The main focus of the Yoga burn program is women, and it is designed to help women get their dream bodies in the minim time. Also, it is very cheaper than the Yoga classes.

Is it difficult to perform this Yoga program?

It is not hard or difficult to perform the program. Instead, it is designed in a way that every woman can easily perform those Yoga poses. The whole program consists of three main phases and every phase in the foundation for the next phase. Therefore, starting from the basics, it will gradually lead you to higher levels. 

Is there any warranty available for the Yoga burn program?

Yes, it has a warranty available. It has 60-days money-back guarantee, which means, if you are not satisfied after ordering, you can apply for a money-back guarantee, and you will get a money refund within 48 hours of application.

Yoga Burn Reviews - Is It Worth To Try? - Healthy Abel

Yoga burn challenge is a 12 weeks fitness Yoga program, instructed by Zoe Bray-Cotton. We will conduct a detailed yoga burn reviews to cover all of its aspects.

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