What Is Power Yoga And Its Health Benefits?


Do you know what is power yoga? Well, the term ”Power yoga” is used to explain a fitness-based and healthy approach to vinyasa-style yoga. Many people have known this yoga to be superficial Gym Yoga.

It incorporates a chain of poses done in order. It’s up to the teacher which pose he wants to teach in any order. As the focus of power yoga is the flexibility and strength, so this type of yoga is inaugurated into Gyms in America. 

How Power Yoga originated? 

During the mid-1990s, this term became famous when two American teachers learned with Ashtanga Guru Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. They started to do something out of what they studied so that more Western Students get access. Moreover, they also wanted to break the order of a series of poses and try something new. 

What are the health benefits of Power Yoga?

Power yoga is beneficial for human health, and it changes everything in our lives positively. Some of the health benefits of power yoga are:

  • It improves and boosts the stamina
  • Makes the body more flexible
  • It corrects the posture
  • The focus is on mental health
  • It alleviates stress and releases toxins through sweating
  • It burns more energy calories as compared to traditional forms of yoga. Burning calories means it help in reducing body weight.

Some cautions of Power Yoga

It’s a rigorous process, so you must be sure that if it will suit your body or not. It’s a tough process, so not suitable for everyone. You must avoid power yoga in case of:

  • If you aren’t fit and not in good shape, avoid doing power yoga because it will do the opposite when you go through the intensive asanas. So, it’s better to be fit and healthy before you go through power yoga.
  • Power yoga consists of asanas, which cause complications if the person doing it is pregnant. If you’re pregnant, you can try prenatal yoga classes instead of this because it is specially prepared for pregnant women, and the poses are gentle, which won’t harm you and your baby. 
  • If you are a diabetic patient, or you have arthritis, avoid power yoga. 

Try Power Yoga for yourself, not against yourself

It generates the highest level of energy, freedom, and vitality, so you must try it for the betterment of yourself and not again yourself. It’s best if you try this yoga in a calm environment that heals your inside and to focus on your inner. 

A person doing power yoga go through 26 specific poses for one and half hour. The room temperature must be 105 degrees, and the humidity must be 40 percent. The phase is rigorous, and that’s why not recommended for everyone. Sometimes, beginner finds it difficult to complete the poses, but many find it comfortable. So, try it if you think you are the best fit for it.

Advice of your health care provider

Take the advice of your health care provider before you take any step. Don’t try power yoga or any other physical exercise without consultation with a health care specialist. 

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In Summary

What Is Power Yoga?

Power yoga” defined as a healthy and fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga.