Top 7 Dieting Hacks To Lose Weight

In this article, you will learn there are specific dieting hacks that help you supercharge lose weight diet into a fat-burning boosting regime.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


1. Eat Dark Chocolate 3 Times A Week

Dark chocolate contains more flavonoid than any chocolate. Flavonoid is a substance that reduces insulin resistance, which is the major cause of weight loss. Insulin spikes also can slow down, because of the healthy fats in dark chocolate.

Chocolate can cut your appetite by 50% from having 20 minutes before lunch and dinner and 5 minutes after lunch and dinner.

Dr. Will Clower
chocolate in the plate

2. Eat Almonds

Almonds contains powerful nutrients that can help weight loss. Almonds contains high magnesium, which can maintain muscle tissue and blood sugar level and vitamin E which is powerful antioxidant. The unfair advantage in almond has the ability to reduce the absorption of fats according to the researchers.

almond in the white bowl

3. Banana

Banana contains lots of carbohydrates than other fruits. The carbs in banana is slow-releasing carb which can slow down insulin spikes. But do not consume banana in large amount in short period of time. 

banana is at the wooden table and being cut with knife

4. Eat Celery

Dehydration can make you sick and bad for weight loss. Celery contains mostly liquid which can address dehydration issue. Celery also contains fibres that can make you full longer after consumption.

celery and two glasses of celery juice

5. Add Cinnamon to Coffee and Reduce Coffee Intake

Coffee helps your body to increase metabolism and reduce appetite. But too much coffee can produce lots of stress hormones inside your body. The stress hormone, called cortisol which is the major factor in belly fat. Therefore, if you want to drink coffee, just reduce the intake.

On the other hand, cinnamon can control blood sugar levels. Daily consumption on cinnamon can improve body metabolism, improve digestion and burn excess unhealthy fats.

cinnamon in the coffee

6. Add Chili Pepper Spices Into Diet

By adding chilli pepper into your diet, you can reduce appetite and increase body metabolism. This is because the ingredient capsaicin can make it hot.

chilli pepper cut into powders

7. Add Avocados Into Sandwiches

Avocados contain a lot of fats. Doesn’t eat fats makes you fat? Nope. Not all fats are created equally. Avocados contains healthy fats such as monounsaturated fats, that used to reduce hunger and feel full for long period of time. This type of healthy fats less likely to store as body fats.

3 toasts bread with avocados