How Much Do Yoga Instructors Make (As Of 2020)?


Teaching yoga can be a passion for some people, but what about the yoga instructor’s salary? It’s essential to know how much do yoga instructors make before starting a career in it.

If you follow your passion, you don’t need to worry about the money, which is wrong thinking. Because without money, one can’t pursue his career in any field. 

A person who wants to grow in a job must know how much she can make to pay the bills and make her living.

If she says that it’s my passion and I don’t care about the money, he must prepare himself for the financial burden doing so.

So, a person who wants to become a yoga instructor must want to know its salary.

In this article, you can estimate the yoga instructor’s salary. There are two types of payment an instructor receives, a fixed salary or pay per person. You can decide if you choose to continue your career as a yoga teacher by reading this article. 

How much people spent on yoga?

People in the United States practicing yoga, approximately spends $62,640 over their lifetimes on classes, workshops and accessories. [1]

On the other hand, yoga practitioners spend $16 billion annually on these classes, which includes the cost of classes, instruments, costumes, and accessories. This estimate is according to studies by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal. Over the last year, the budget was $10, which exceeded $4 billion this year. 

At the same time, Yoga careers come under the top 10 works to pursue by CNN. It’s appealing to continue a career as a yoga instructor and drop everything as it’s the best job to consider because the industry is growing day by day. But on the other side, yoga instructors get less as compared to their hard work.

How Much Do Yoga Instructors Make?

In United States, an average income of yoga instructors per hour is $24.96, according to PayScale. The minimum rate per hour is $12.66, and the maximum is $49.94.

PayScale (March 23, 2020)

The maximum rates depend on how much you are experienced in the field of yoga because professional and experienced instructors are highly demanded as compared to the one who has started his career recently. 

$24 an hour is a good income, but not if we include the charges of travel and hard work before the class time during preparation. They don’t get the money for travel as reimbursement, but instead, they must adjust in their salaries or pay per head. 

Some instructor gets a fixed salary and other as per head. They both have advantages and disadvantages. It’s a lucrative source to get per head as the instructor can get as much as he gives his time, but its downside is when no one comes to the class, he gets nothing. 

Yoga instructor’s salary varies on location

The location has a greater impact on the yoga instructor’s salary.

  • In big cities, there is a high demand for the instructor, so they pay more.
  • In small towns and places, yoga instructor gets less. Moreover, in big cities, these instructors find more opportunities to get paid. 


If you want to get a good income, you must be a certified yoga instructor. Advance your skills in one area of yoga, such as kids’ yoga, etc. If you widen your skills and polish yourself as a yoga instructor, people will agree to pay more, and that’s how you can grow your career and earn more than $49. 

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In Summary

How Much Do Yoga Instructors Make?

From PayScale, the average income of yoga instructors per hour is $24.96 in the United States. The minimum rate per hour is $12.66, and the maximum is $49.94.