How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn (Backed by Science)

How many calories does yoga burn? A yoga calorie burned calculator is the best way to know how many calories yoga burn during a session, which gives you results on average metabolic rates.

All you have to put your weight, length of the class (Time), and type of yoga you have done. The calculator will give you results based on these and show you how many calories you have burnt.

A person can burn 200 to 600 calories during one session of the yoga of one hour. It depends on the types of yoga and weight of the person.

Yoga is the best way to keep yourself flexible and fit. It helps to reduce weight by burning calories during the yoga session. People who have unhealthy and unfit body find the best type of yoga to solve the problem. It’s one of the cost-effective processes for people to start with minimal equipment. 

Calories burnt during yoga session depends on various factors which range between 180-460 calories. These factors are:

  • What is the type of yoga you are trying? 
  • What is the time and intensity of the class?
  • Are you a male or female? 

How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn (According to Research)

According to Mayo Clinic, in a basic yoga class, which is 60 minutes in length, a person having 160-pound weight can lose 183 calories.

If we compare this with other activities, that person can burn more calories than that: for example, a person playing golf for one hour can burn 330 calories, 480 calories during aerobics for one hour, 510 calories during swimming laps, 590 calories during running. The session is for 60 minutes.

Another factor depends on the type of yoga. For example, during Bikram yoga, a male can burn 460 calories while a female can 330 calories during one Bikram session. The session consists of 26 postures, which lasts for 90 minutes. The room temperature must be 105-degree Fahrenheit at 40 percent humidity. Moreover, yoga has two breathing exercises. 

Type of Activity (One Hour)Total Calories Burned
Bikram Yoga460 calories (Men)
330 calories (Women)
Vinyasa Yoga594 calories
Ashtanga Yoga351 calories
Hatha Yoga189 calories
Swimming510 calories
Running590 calories
Aerobics480 calories
According to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and 2014 Study and Pop Sugar

Many other activities can burn more calories than a yoga session at the same time. These activities are mentioned above, such as swimming laps and running. But yoga is the safest method to burn calories, and it sustains for longer.

Moreover, yoga helps a person in having fewer cravings, improve self-confidence, body posture, release stress, eating healthy food, alleviate joint, and backache. A person who does yoga doesn’t overeat, that’s not good for him or her.

From research in 2005, a National Cancer Institute-funded 15,500 middle-aged women and men having normal body weight at 45 years of age. They regularly practice yoga gained less weight (3 pounds less) when they became 55 years of age as compared to those who hadn’t practiced yoga.

People who didn’t practice yoga gained 5 pounds of weight during the age 45-55. Researchers concluded that less gain of weight is because of yoga. These people have mindful access to eating. 

If you would like to find out your own calorie burn estimate based on the activity factors for yoga, you can visit Calories Burned Calculator.


How many calories does yoga burn that depends on various factors such as gender, type of yoga, how intensive and how long of the class. In order words, you need to burn more than you consume. Mindfulness eating plays an important role in losing weight, which one should change the relationship with foods and be mindful for their own action.

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