3 Main Factors on How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?


Wondering how long does CBD stay in your system depends on several key factors of CBD and your body fats.

What is CBD?

CBD is a three-letter acronym for Cannabidiol. It’s a compound used for the health benefits of human. Many people, because of its health benefits, use it on a daily basis. The consumption time is before sleep, early morning, or they can consume it generally to get the benefits. Most people know its health benefits, but they think about how long does it stay in their bodies?

We will answer this question, but first, understand what is CBD? CBD is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant family such as Hemp and Marijuana. But CBD used by people comes from Hemp, it’s not extracted from Marijuana; that’s why it’s legal. 

Wonder How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

How long does CBD stay inside your body isn’t a complicated science. It depends on 3 main factors.

1. Type of usage

The staying time of CBD relies partly on the type of intake. If we take it orally as moderate doses, it remains for 1 to 2 days in our systems. There are fewer studies conducted on this so the range may vary. 

From other studies, it’s suggested that CBD’s half-life is in between 18 and 32 hours. Half-life means, if you ingest 80 ml of CBD, the half-life of it will be 40 ml after 18-32, and your body will have 40 ml CBD left. Many reports showed that this compound stays in your body for 3 to 4 days. Typically, it remains for some days and not more than that. The life span of CBD is short. 

2. Resting or non-resting

There are many factors involved in the staying of CBD in our bodies. For instance, it’s fat-soluble; that’s why our system stores this compound in fat cells. So, there comes a difference of staying time of a sedentary or a person who exercises frequently.

When a person exercise, it’s more likely he will burn off fats, so the CBD which is stored inside the fat cell will be lost with the fats. It will remain for longer inside the body of a sedentary.

If your body has more fats, it means this compound will stay for a longer time. But the time doesn’t exceed a couple of days because it leaves the body after a few days. 

3. Number of doses

Other factors involved the number of doses. Higher doses and smaller doses have a difference in how long they stay in our bodies. Our liver cleanses many substances at once. Liver from our blood can filter and break down certain substances every hour.

So, for example,

If your liver filters out 100 ml of CBD every hour, and you ingest 500 ml of it. Your liver will break it down in 5 hours. When you take it in a small dose such as 100 ml, it will take 2 hours to leave your body.

So, a considerable amount of CBD remains for longer as it’s a biological process. If you apply CBD in lotion form, then it won’t enter your body, which means it won’t remain in your body. It will stay on the skin and gives your benefit, which is joint relief.

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In Summary

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

According to the studies, if you ingest 80 ml of CBD, it will be 40 ml in your body after 18-32 hours. Many reports showed that this CBD stays in your body for 3 to 4 days.

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